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URUK  Capital shares

Buy share capital of the company (URUK Holding Companies Automotive Industry Ltd.)

the company was registered in UK , company number 15086446, in 21 August 2023 in London,  under the Companies Act 2006 as a private company , that the company is limited by shares, and the situation of its registered office is in England and Wales.


as  by Law ( Articles of Association ) we offering to public a Number of shares of our Capital for sale, the price of each share is currently 1 US dollar + Commission 0.10 
The buying and selling of shares is legal, and the company is provided with a contract and certificate of ownership of shares in URUK Company  in accordance with the British Companies Act of 2006. As URUK Company’s policy of selling its shares differs from the rest of the shares of other companies:

* Offering the company’s shares in ascending order to the market value of the share in the following rounds 

For Buying URUK Holding Capital Share, Please Click on this link to make the payment : 

after you made the payment , we will directly sending to your e-mail the share certificate electronic with full details within 3 working days. 

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