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About Company 

About company :

( URUK Holding Companies Automotive Industry ) was established at 2023 in London - UK, with a capital of $ 1000,000,000.00 billion US dollars, Full paid in cash in accordance with the British Companies Registration Act of 2006.

As part of the plan of the parent company in Britain, it developed a study into establishing a car factory in Iraq, Turkey, America, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Morocco and India. 

Its first subsidiary company has already been established in the Republic of Iraq, and it is establishing an automobile manufacturing factory project in Iraq to be the first in the Middle East with a capital of 200,000,000 two hundred million US dollars estimated at 300,000,000,000 approximately three hundred billion Iraqi dinars.


Project Description :

The project to establish a factory for the automobile industry is considered one of Iraq’s national projects, in terms of advancing the industrial reality of Iraq locally and globally, because the automobile industry brings Iraq’s name to the beginning as one of the major industrial countries and raises its status globally, as a few countries work in the automobile industry and there are a few other countries. She also works in assembling cars. We must know that there is a big difference between car assembly and car manufacturing. The factories that assemble cars contain more than 80 percent of car parts and assemble them. Factories that manufacture more than 60% of licensed cars are considered part of the automobile industry.
Therefore, our factory will manufacture the structure, seats, glass, lights, etc. (in its subsidiary factories, which will be established in the afflicted Iraqi governors where manpower is available), of which more than 60% of its parts are considered, and then the engine and smart screens will be imported from origins in countries Such as Germany, America, and Japan, as well as other international companies that import engines and screens from other car companies such as Nissan, Toyota, Ford, and others.
Our factory will not use any other car brands, it will only use its own brand, which is the URUK brand.

The project is the establishment of an automobile manufacturing factory in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, on an area of 250,000 square meters bearing the name and trademark URUK Automotive Industry. It manufactures and provides vehicles of various types, as the factory aims to develop the vehicle industry that is absent from Iraqi industries by providing products

Home-made with superior technology that competes with international vehicle brands, the factory aims to revive the vehicle industry, which had precedence in the State of Iraq, but it was subjected to many closures and the plans set were not achieved as a result of many internal and external obstacles. The project in our hands works to avoid these obstacles by relying on special technology through which it provides a variety of vehicles of various types, starting with cars that operate on diesel, gasoline, and electricity, and motorcycles of various types, from bicycles that run on gasoline and electricity, through to electric bicycles and bicycles. The factory provides the diverse needs of the local market by providing products that suit various groups in society. The products will suit the high-income class as well as the middle and lower-middle classes. It is worth noting that the project will target the Arab and international markets with its products, as as is known, the automobile industry is almost completely absent from the Arab region.


Global outlook :
Global automobile production reached 80,145,988 vehicles in 2021, an increase of 3% over production quantities in the previous year.
Which amounted to 77,711,725 vehicles in 2020 AD; Global automobile production witnessed a decline of -16% during
The year 2020 AD, as a result of the halt of the production wheel to face the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic, was the year’s productivity
Pre-pandemic 2019 AD 92,183,011 vehicles Global production is expected to gradually grow again to reach 82,024,241 vehicles by 2028 AD.
Global car sales around the world reached 82,684,788 brands during the year 2021, increasing at a rate
5% compared to sales of the previous year 2020, which amounted to 78,774,320 cars. The world had witnessed the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, which in turn affected various economies and countries of the world, which led to a decrease in demand for cars due to a decrease in demand - 13.7%, as sales were before the spread of the pandemic ( Year 2019 AD) reaching 91,227,182 vehicles.
During the past seven years, car sales of various types increased at a rate of 1.4%, and car sales are expected to grow at the same rate, reaching 91,164,879 cars by 2028 AD.
Iraq imported 106,111 cars transporting people, worth $1.564 billion, in 2020. Imports fluctuated between rise and fall during the last five years, and imports in 2016 were the highest, as 408,208 cars were imported, worth $1.507 billion.

General technical indicators :
Good selection of the project location and its suitability to the space of the factory’s manufacturing hangar and warehouses
The total area of the factory is 250,000 square meters and the actual building area is 150,000 square meters, which represents 60% of the total area in accordance with building requirements in the country.
Relying on the best necessary professional staff.
Relying on the best operating supplies.
Use the best programs and applications in operations.
Marketing the project distinctively and on a large scale.
Distinction and creativity in the products provided and difference from what is available in the market.
Providing products at competitive prices and offering special offers.

Project products :

Small cars :


Four well cars : 


carrying vehicles :


Bus :


Bicycles :    



With legs (paydar)

Car features :
Our company is primarily concerned with protecting the occupants of the car and then high luxury. Therefore, the following features have been placed in the car

- The body is made of light steel to protect the car occupant in the event of collisions and accidents.
- The car contains a GPS implanted in the car’s body that works on the car’s body temperature, for the purpose of reaching various places and locations, in addition to providing a feature to save emergency numbers and send them messages in case of emergency.
- Provides a program that receives sound in the car when it needs help or rescue.
- Providing an application that works through smart phones to control all factors and commands of the vehicle components, such as remote operation
Determining speed for parents and guardians, theft, collisions and accidents, sending distress messages to the city rescue police, and sending messages to relatives and family, specifying the current location of the car.
It is possible to disable and stop the car in cases of theft.
The feature of turning on the air conditioning and temperature inside the car has also been added when there is a person or animal inside the car and the car’s outlets are closed, through the presence of a device that monitors the presence of a living being with a heartbeat.
- Corrosion resistant structure
- Strength and rigidity
- Resistance to rust and chemicals
- Withstand pressure
- All internal and external components of the car are made of non-flammable materials (against fire).
- There is a front and rear bumper in the car to protect the car from damage to the car body, made of compressed rubber material that is not susceptible to fire or breakage.
- There are a large number of airbags inside the car to protect passengers.
- There is a large hole (airbag) under the car when the car falls into the sea or floods occur, and when the water rises to a certain degree, the hole (airbag) will open and contain the entire car and float the car over the water inside the hole (airpack).
- The presence of an explosives detection device inside the body of the car. When the device senses the presence of an explosive object, the device will disable the car’s engine and send distress messages regarding the presence of a foreign object capable of explosion to the security services that are pre-set by our factory, and the car owner cannot control this feature permanently. The car owner or others cannot find the location of that sensor in order to extract it, and in this case we can save innocent lives.
The car's dashboard configuration is all electronic, a smart screen with touch operation and receiving commands by voice.
- All car windows are made of a type that can withstand pressure during breakage and accidents.

Project goals :

A national project for Iraq

Providing labor force for many young people, professionals and administrators of both genders.

Achieving a high level of quality

Achieving good returns for project owners

Optimal use of project resources and assets

Creating new investment opportunities with good returns

Availability of a number of distinguished cadres and people with experience in the field

Basics followed by the URUK Automotive Manufacturing Company:

Using technical expertise and technical supervision of products

Paying attention to the necessary advertising in various ways and methods for the factory’s products

Paying attention to conducting training courses for workers from time to time and encouraging them to perform well by establishing a vocational training academy center for the URUK Automotive Manufacturing Company.

Using the highest quality operating supplies to ensure excellent production.

Advantages of URUK Automotive Manufacturing Company :

Control of product quality

Using international technology in operation

Availability of a number of qualified technicians and production supervisors

The presence of a distribution network of qualified and experienced people

Commitment to maintaining the presence of products during transportation

Employing the workforce and improving its economic level

Target project share :

Our factory project aims to achieve sales of 158,400 cars for the total number of cars produced: electric cars at 24.5% of production, gasoline cars at 40%, and diesel cars at 35.5%, in addition to 60,000 motorcycles and 60,000 bicycles.
Production is gradually increased annually by starting the project with a production capacity representing 40% of the production capacity, increasing annually by 5%.


Project share of global sales of project products:

the cars :
Sales of cars of various types are expected to reach approximately 85 million cars by the year 2023 AD. The project is expected to achieve sales of cars of different types amounting to 63,369 cars in 2023 AD, representing 0.07%. The project’s sales are expected to reach 134,645 cars by 2023 AD, representing 0.14%.


SWOT analysis
First: The internal situation of the project - strengths:

Analysis of the internal situation of the project focuses on the situation at the present time. As for the strengths and weaknesses, they relate to aspects such as: project products - quality - price - brand - employees - skills - infrastructure.

Power :
The project is distinguished by its precedence in providing technology for the automotive industry in Iraq.
- The diversity of products provided by the project, including people’s cars, goods transportation, motorcycles, and bicycles.
- Diversity in product prices between 3 categories at various prices to suit different classes of society.
The company will have 8 factories that serve the automobile industry and support unemployment in Iraq during its stay in poor governors where the workforce is available.
- Providing the latest production lines necessary to provide products.
- The use of robots in the manufacture of some body parts of cars and bicycles.
- Providing products at competitive prices.
- Providing administrative control over the quality of the operational process to provide products with the highest quality specifications.
- Relying on the best highly qualified human cadres, with great experience and experience in the field of automobile manufacturing.
- Relying on the best and highest quality raw materials and operating requirements.
- Allocating a budget for the marketing and advertising process for products.
- Relying on internal suppliers affiliated with the project who provide internal production requirements.

Second: The external environment of the project

Opportunities :

Clarification: Analysis of the project’s external environment focuses on the situation in the future and the external environment relates to aspects such as: the market - the consumer - the seasonality of the good/service - economic, political and social factors - the environment - the media - laws and legislation.
- The expansion of the size of the Iraq market, as the population in Iraq reached 40,150,200 people in 2020 AD, and it is expected that their number will reach 50,061,500 people by 2029 AD, and the annual population increase rate reached 2.57% annually.
The state works to encourage investment and investors and pay attention to different sectors.
- High demand for the project’s products, as Iraq’s imports of vehicles transporting people increased by 8%, vehicles transporting goods grew by 6.5%, imports of motorcycles grew by 7.9%, and imports of bicycles grew by 17%.
- The absence of local industry, as it was limited to manufacturing car accessories and not the complete product.
- Great export opportunities, as the automobile industry is almost completely absent in the region.
- The expected growth in the global automobile market and the speed of recovery from the COVID 19 pandemic crisis.
- Availability of labor at reasonable prices. H
- The necessity of the project’s products for economic life, as the factory provides goods transport vehicles and people transport vehicles, and therefore the project products cannot be dispensed with here.

Promotion :

The project relies on several methods to promote its products
- Allocating large sums of money to advertising and media through advertising promotion
- Strong participation in car exhibitions around the world.
- Authorized agents in all countries of the world.
- Obtaining local and international quality certificates, which helps give more confidence to customers.
- Ensure participation in local and international conferences and exhibitions.
- Working to have celebrities in the community purchase the factory’s products in a way that reflects their level of quality and attracts followers and fans of the celebrities.
- Providing gifts and discounts for special occasions.
- Providing customer service with great experience and professionalism.


Manufacturing stages :
- Engineering design of cars or bicycles
- Manufacturing the body of cars and bicycles, such as parts and parts
- Assembling parts and parts of cars and bicycles
- Control and examination stage
- Storage stage.


Capital invested in the project:
Invested capital is the financing necessary to cover both fixed and operating capital for building the project, as follows

Estimating invested capital:

Expected land costs are $3,500,000.
Building and construction costs                         $ 30,000,000      
Machinery and equipment costs                        $ 30,000,000
Car costs for use are                                            $ 1,000,000.
Furniture and fixture costs                                  $ 1,079,000
Software and Applications                                 $  250,000          
Contingency reserve                                            $ 6,582,954
Pre-operating expenses                                      $ 3,617,754       
Total fixed capital                                                 $ 76,030,248     
Operating capital                                                  $ 123,969,752    
The total invested capital of the project is       $ 200,000,000


The project's expected revenue size:

Production capacity:

Product: Automotive
Type  :                                                saloon        four wheel            carrying             bus
Production capacity/hour:                  5                   3                            3                      3
Number of lines:                                   6                   4                            4
Number of shifts:                                 1                    1                            1                      1
Number of shift hours                         8                    8
Total production capacity/day         240                96                          96                    96
Total production capacity/year      72,000         28,800                  28,800             28,800

Product : Bicycles
Type:                                                                     Motorcycles         Bicycles
Production capacity/hour:                                         25
Number of lines:                                                           1                         1
Number of shifts:                                                         1                         1
Number of shift hours 8
Total production capacity/day                               200                       200
Total production capacity/year                          60,000                  60,000

Illustrative table of production capacity
Sales for export outside Iraq
Electric cars                                     23,326 per year
Gasoline cars                                   38,016 per year
Diesel cars                                        33,694   per year
Motorcycles                                      36,000   per year
Bicycles                                             36,000   per year

Local sales inside Iraq
Electric cars                                     15,554 per year
Gasoline cars                                   25,344   per year
Diesel cars                                        22,466 per year
Motorcycles                                      24,000   per year
Bicycles                                             24,000   per year

List of expected profits for the project:

                                                          First year                                  Second year                Third year                    Fourth year 
  Net profits                                  $495,960,442                            $590,332,055             $692,117,596              $802,636,464


Summary of the project’s financial indicators:

First year revenues                                 $1,837,461,260
First year costs                                       $1,342,500,818
Net profits for the first year                   $494,960,442
%Net Profit Margin                                    26.9


Project manpower :
The factory needs about 500 employees in the first year of operating the factory, and the volume of direct and indirect salaries has been estimated at approximately $21,345,840.

The number of employees is gradually increased and increased annually during the operational years, reaching 2,000 to 10,000 employees in the main factory and its affiliated factories.

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