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Request to register for a job:

In order to register your application for a job at Uruk Automotive Manufacturing Company
Please fill out the following form below and then click the button to submit the application below, then your application will be examined by the Employment Affairs Department in our company and the names of each application will be chosen according to the information and experience, after which the applicant will be summoned for the interview and must bring a file with him containing complete information about him and copies of Experience and academic certificates (if any) and personal documents.
The total number of jobs required ranges from 2,000 to 10,000 people, 90% for Iraqi citizens and 10% for foreign experts in the form of stages.
According to our estimate, jobs will start working in March 2024 after the completion of the factory, but some jobs and professions can be hired before that period as soon as possible.

Interview and recruitment method:
1- After the person is summoned for the interview, he may be accepted several times according to the opinion of the committee.
2- After being informed of his initial acceptance, he will be enrolled in technical and educational courses according to the type of job.
3- After his success in the course, he will be appointed directly according to the program and the areas of need for that job and its location in the company’s management or one of its factories.
As for those who fail the courses, they will be given another last chance in the following courses.

Job features at Uruk Automotive Manufacturing Company:
1- A high monthly salary befits jobs in such a company, relative to car companies in the world.
2- Register the employee with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.
3- Health insurance.
4- Life insurance.
5- A sum of money for the end of service.
6- A retirement salary for those who complete work with our company for a period of 15 years.
7- Discounts on car prices for himself and his family members.
8- Annual leave for one month.
9- Granting sums of money as incentives to skilled and creative employees.
10- Granting 15 days of paid leave for travel and accommodation costs as tourism to skilled and creative employees within their annual leave.
Note: All employment forms are free and there are no registration fees. We do not deal with employment offices and intermediaries at all. Registration is done directly here in a form on this official website of our company. We do not accept registration through Facebook or social media.
All salaries are paid in Iraqi dinars (in support of the Iraqi dinar) according to the official government rate.

send your C.V. to E-mail: 


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